• I've been prescribed Ambiem before and it worked too well for me. It scared me, because if I had to face an emergency in the middle of the night I was afraid that I would sleep right through it or be too "groggy" to function. For some people I've heard that it doesn't work that well for them. I guess it all depends on the person and how their body reacts to this medication.
  • I took it when I went to the UK on business. Worked like a charm.
  • my husband takes ambien and it works well as far as him getting a good nights sleep but if he doesn't go straight to be after taking it, he is really out of it. He can hardly walk and see things. he doesn't remember any of this the next morning.
  • The company I work for sent out e-mail to its employees not to take Ambien because of its side effects. Sleep-eating was one of the many side effects. What a terrible way to gain weight--you don't even remember if you enjoyed the food!!
  • i use to take it and at the time it was very helpful in the sense that it makes you really out of it lol..which is the point ;-)... we had a couple weirdo episodes with it though in our house...and those particular episodes which causeded because we didn't go directly to sleep after taking it(and your supposed to)...and the episode was being awake and too loopy. so if you take it i'd say its good if you dont mind its strength and the fact that its a drug, and make sure you go to sleep right after taking it and it will do its proper trick of getting you to sleep as apposed to being awake and running into a wall from the sleepyness lol. ;-) so thats what i know about ambion .. *addition sleep tips i know about ;-) .... -spraying a "sleep scent spray" on your pillow which comes in a lil' bottle and that helps me. - also warm milk helps right away to feel a sense of calm in the body which affects the mind as well -also if you have a mental block, i was suggested to meditate before falling asleep to create like a sense of peace for when you do sleep, and that helps me a lot. goodluck :-D ...
  • I have been prescribed Ambien, and it works great. The good thing is that once you wake up it almost feels like you had a regular night sleep. With other sleep disorder medications you may wake up dizzy and disoriented for a while. You have to make sure you have at least seven to eight hours of sleeping time once you take the pill. I only have to take half a pill.
  • Worked great for me..after 8 hours I woke up feeling good not groggy or lightheaded.
  • It helps me a lot. I take it immediately before bedtime and can fall asleep within just a few minutes. Before I started taking it, I would have several nights where I could not fall asleep at all or until 5:00 or 6:00 a.m., which wouldn't work for me, I have young children. I do have vivid, weird dreams....not scary, just bizarre. But I don't get up and wander around or anything. I have noticed that when I take it, within about 10 minutes I an feel the effects and I most likely won't remember any conversations at that time. But getting up in the morning is no problem, as long as you get a good 7-8 hours of sleep. And I am NOT a morning person, VERY difficult to wake up in the morning, but not now.
  • i started taking ambien when I was working all day and then come home and do more freelance work at home as well. I was always wired and 10mg ambien got m where i needed to be .Calmed me down, it actually helped me sleep through the entire night. Not an easy task for a graphic designer. I actually dream less while taking it because I already have bizarre adventurous dreams like flying up into a dark shiny red rocket ship though space and dodging asterioids made of carrot cake. I guess you can say, I'm currently under the influence right now and I'm fixing to get to bed. My keyboard buttons are starting to turn soft likr mashmellows.
  • I take the generic form of Ambien, Zolpidem. It works great for me. I work nights and often times when I get off work I can not go to sleep. I will finally start getting good sleep when its getting dark and by than its too late I had to be back to work again soon. Ambiem works fast and I dont feel groggy when I wake up. Very important to go right to bed when you take it though.
  • My grandmother used to take Ambien. She hallucinated while on it. This has been found to be frighteningly common in lab tests and public experience.
  • I have it,use it only when I can't fall asleep.No real negative effects only a good nights sleep.They do the trick for me.
  • It does at first. The first time I took it it buckled my knees. You can develop a tolerance very quickly. Also the side effects are no BS. I have had a few incidents of sleep eating and "drunk dialing" on Ambien. Those were more than a little embarrassing.
  • It put me to sleep fast however I do not recommend answering any questions on AB or even asking any after you take it. I have come to AB the next day and been horrified at some of the things I said. My answers and comments made sense to me the night before. hahahaha

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