• Already been there and done that...Its a feeling helplessness its sickening to watch an individual die as a result of a DO NOT RESUSITATE ORDER. And worse to watch as someone burns alive inside a twisted vehicle that is totally involved in flames and there is no way to get to the vehicle or reach the victim because of the flames.
  • I watched my Dad die from a massive heart attack. The attending ER Doctor said there was nothing anyone would have done, his heart exploded. I was 16. I've watched animals die, old age, or held them close while the Vet did what had to be done...had one that I DID bring back multiple times over a one month to nose, CPR...but finally realized I HAD TO let her go. Pulled a dead baby from a car accident...strapped in properly in carrier in the backseat as it should have been...the wreck was a bad one..had to deal with being "professional" then ASAP, went behind my squad...and puked, and puked and cried, and cried..and still do now..thinking of it. For me there is a great deal of difference between someone who is old...or sick and who is truly ready to die...for them I wish a "good death" even though it may pain ME to say so long for a while to them...and the ones who die, not because they were sick, or old, or ready...but because something "went wrong" from OUR point of view...for them I have to try hard to believe that God knows their path and watches them with love...even if I don't understand the BIG WHY!!!
  • I will guilty for it.One day i say a 12 year old boy dying infront of my own eyes as he met with an accident.The driver who has hit him ran away.Many people just gathered around the boy but not even a single sole helped that boy.I am just 13 and could do nothing at that time.
  • With stunned horror and I know that is how i would react ,I watched my husband die 6 weeks ago. So people theorising does not bear a lot of weight with me at the moment
  • Sad with tears ...
  • If I could do nothing but watch, I wouldn't allow it to upset me. I would try to forget it, because feeling bad is meaningless. If I had an opportunity to do something about it and messed up, I'd feel bad. Of course, if it was someone close to me, my reation would be much more extreme....human nature!
  • Unfortunately i have already been there, had a motor bike rider die in front of me after a serious accident. It was not pretty and i still think about it 5 years later.
  • Watched plenty of people die. Fact is I could have prevented several. Problem was they took the doctor's advice or they returned to their wife beating boyfriend or husband to be killed. So, I learned to just sit back and watch it happen.
  • I've done that, being with my FIL as he was finally allowed to die quietly at home after bringing him home from the hospital. Sometimes death is a good thing in some cases.
  • It sucks even if you don't like the person it sucks. There is just something disturbing about watching someone else expire.
  • Burning is the worst. Once saw a guy burn to death. A rocket motor cooked off, blew him right through the side of the building. His eyes were out as well as intestines and he was screaming as he burned. And absolutely nothing to be done as had anyone tried to put the flames out there would have been another explosion. Solid rocket propellant can't be extinguished anyway. He burned and screamed for a good 30 minutes with better than 100 people watching. Some were pleading to the security guard to shoot him. After he quit screaming he burned another 15 minutes. Not much left.
  • i killed my own dog he had cancer n instead of letting anyone else kill him i did it, im not gunna let anyone hurt my best friend, if anyones to do it it should be me, so i did, took the needle and i pushed the plunger down till his heart stopped beating

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