• tell them not to.
  • get out the soap =O
  • i got the soap in the mouth treatment it took several times but i got the message, do not swear around MOM!!+4.
  • Tell them you won't take that sh.t from them, and throw them in their fu.king rooms.
  • Tell them not to do it again or else. Grab a chopstick and whack a nearby object like a table really hard.
  • Well what are they swearing on. Cuz I swear to goodness golly if it's something bad you need to wash their mouths out with some soapee
  • I had the soap treatment! It worked for me although it would be child abuse these days.
  • In my family, when anyone swore they had to put a quarter in this jar. I don't remember what we did with all those quarters, but it's a creative idea.
  • My children don't swear because I've asked them not to. For my 10 year old, however, when I see she is very emotionally charged I sit down with her and tell her that she can tell me anything she wants in any WAY she wants. This keeps the lines of communication open, a more emotionaly balanced child, and is an effective frustration release. It works wonders :)
  • Explain to them why you do not want them to swear (also, I would tell them that once they reach a certain age, they can swear to their heart's content, but right now they're kids and they'll have to wait).
  • Depends on how old they are. My kid said some funny stuff when he was young. Swear words in perfect context. It was hard to keep a straight face mainly because it was exactly how I would have reacted. He is 17 now and I don't really worry about it. He swears under the same circumstances that I do right or wrong.
  • I got soaped it was an experience. Never kept me from cussing I guess. I just didn't like getting in trouble. I remember one time getting shampoo in my mouth because I had said something and of course had to egg on my mom by saying "I like the way it tastes."
  • Time out and take away privileges for the day
  • As long as they are not too old, wash their mouth out with soap.
  • Talk to them quietly and make them understand swearing is a bad habit. Once picked up it is a difficult to drop habit. Show them examples of people who swear all the time. Explain they will be held in low esteem by nice people if they swear. And make sure you never use swear words or expletives at anytime to make a good exaple for the kids. This should set things right.
  • Beat the fucking shit out of them!
  • 1st thing is to stop swearing yourself as the apple does not fall far from the tree. Teach them alternatives or funny substitutes for those frustrating moments. We use the piggy bank too for those slip-up moments.
  • Lead by "example"!
  • Explain to them that considerate and respectful people who respect themselves don't use words that might hurt or offend others. In this family we don't use those words and that as long as they are part of this family, we expect them to comply with our family standard of behavior. We expect that you won't use those words, and if you do there will be consequences. Then you have to follow through.
  • Get them to choose their punishment: they either stay in their room while a good dvd is put on for everyone else or wash their own mouth out with soap and water under my supervision. There is a consequence either way they are just choosing which one. Good luck with it.
  • Lava soap works wonders.
  • if there young send it to you've been framed

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