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  • Tell him on his birthday he is out on his ass with no help. Those are by his own words and definition.
  • That one have have done...only thing I cannot figure is I do not give him ANY thing except lunch money for school..and that of course is with a hassle...Cannot figure the thought process...Perhaps I am not meant to...
  • I think you're nuts for putting up with an overgrown brat. Corporal punishment be damned, if that were my kid he'd not be sitting down for a week if one of mine said that shit.
  • I agree with you...and in reality I suppose I know the answer,,,just cannot figure where the thought process came from...of course the Corporal punishment thing lands people in jail these days...
  • It sounds like it's about time to pull down his pants, turn him over your knee and give him a crack on the ass that he'll never forget. This is the age that they need to learn work ethic. Otherwise you are going to have a 42 year old slug living on your couch. Watch the movie "Step Brothers" and tell me if that the kind of kid that you would like to have someday. Good luck!
  • He is just being lazy. You are required to keep him alive and safe. So I'd give him the bare minimum till he gets his act together. One shirt, pair of shoes, underwear and pants. A roof over his head. No junk food, no spending money, nothing extra, no internet, or cable or anything of the sort. (yea, I would cancel my cable and security password all internet and computer access.) He is taking advantage of you and that is not a good thing to let him get away with. It teaches all the wrong things in my opinion.
  • It's too late to raise him now!! A solid work-ethic needed to be trained into him years ago, and that didn't happen. I'd just boot him out the moment he turns 18.

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