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  • very nice question.5-i afraid from it too but now i like loneliness.
  • Terrible in what context?
  • Not if you know the person you're alone with. ( Think about it. )
  • not that bad after all.
  • I love being alone. I don't even need a radio or music playing. Alone with my thoughts.
  • Being alone for me isn't a terrible thing. But, I'm alone by choice. I've been married & divorced & discovered several years ago that I enjoy my own company. If I want companionship, I contact a relative or friend. But, at the end of the day I have the peace and tranquility of being in my own home, with no one asking me why I'm doing what I'm doing.
  • well if you like it then its your life
  • If you mean not having a s/, not if you are content being alone.
  • No.. not really - I quite like it. But I suppose it depends on your perspective - if you have previously been in a relationship and are now alone, it can be difficult, I suppose, to make that transition from being with someone to being alone. I have never been in that situation - and have been alone since I lfet my parents' home - so for me, it is ok, because I am used to it. I quite like my own company - but there are times when it would be lovely to have someone else to consider.
  • nothing wrong being alone,been there all my life. As for having someone there when i get older i'm not sure if i would be able to incorporate the other person being i am so used to being by myself..
  • No. I live alone and prefer it.
  • Being alone is not a terrible thing - being lonely is terrible but you don't have to be alone for that....
  • I use to think so, but the older I get the more I want to be alone as people only want to use a person.
  • Not if you're the kind of person who likes to be alone, kinda reserved. I have no problem in staying alone. I can do a whole lot of things. But if you're like being with friends or in a company kinda person, loneliness will be really terrible.
  • It has its advantages and disadvantages. I have lived both ways. I would much rather have a person with me but not manditory. +5
  • I hate this lonesome feeling so to me it is
  • Not at all some people would rather live alone, some people can’t spend one minute alone. Me personally I like to have some alone time, but not too much. It is up to the person to find that balance of alone time that works for them. If I had to choose my life either living my life alone or always being with someone I would spend my time with someone. I am waaaaaay too much of a people person.
  • Being alone is not terrible, but being lonely can be.

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