• Yes, I cook it a lot. I make my cornbread thin with a crispy crust. The oven is heated to 500 degrees, a small amount of oil is put in an iron skillet and the skillet is put in the oven. The cornbread is made with white cornmeal, about 2 tbps flour, a little sugar, oil and buttermilk-an egg is optional. After the oil heats in the skillet, I pour in the mix and bake it for about 10-12 minutes.
  • Yup I sure can...
  • I can cook ANYTHING! . I've never really been much of a fan of cornbread, though. I do like cornbread and beans, though.
  • Yes but i dont like it :( My family likes cornbread and buttermilk...ewww.
  • Yes and I love cornbread, when it's done, it looks like a yellow cake - nice and fluffy but loaded with butter!!!! We are having it tonight with fried chicken, red beans and rice and green beans with smoked turkey wings for flavor!! YUMMY!!!!
  • Well, I could. Since I can't use any wheat flour anymore, it isn't very good. But I had several good cornbread recipes before I developed that allergy.
  • Yep! Even from scratch! I'm the next Betty Crocker :)
  • I love to cook cornbread, but I add creamed corn and jalapeno peppers to the recipe.... yumm
  • Cornbread is one of our favorites, even as a whole meal. Makes a great cool weather lunch. I love to make it in a cast iron skillet, letting it get really hot in the oven. I put some bacon fat or oil in the pan, and reduce the fat in the recipe. When you pour the batter in, you can hear it sizzle. It makes the best crust, all crispy and brown. One hint, when you mix up the batter, do not overmix, as it will make for a tough cornbread. Leave those lumps instead of overmixing.

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