• Depends on the parent. I dont know. I used to get $1.00, so you were richer than
  • I just got out of high school, but I didn't get allowance. Most everyone I talked to got $20 a week, which I though was a lot. But a few kids got up to $50, so I would say $50 is the going rate...
  • The average teenager doesn't get paid allowance. But the average teenager that gets paid allowance gets around $10-20. Still, $10-20 right now is like $5 back then. The total concept of allowance hast changed.
  • The going rate for allaowance is now getting $20 - $100
  • I have no idea of todays rate (my son is 27 and makes more money than I do). But, I remember getting $1.00 and thinking I was rich. I would have been on cloud nine with $5.00.
  • I never had an allowance as a kid, but I went to the "rich kid school" - most of them got $20 - $25 a week when I was in High School. I remember feeling poor just having to hear about it all.
  • I used to get 25 cents a week and thought I was rich..(and I was:)
  • today its like this, the kids have to have a cell phone, an ipod or mp3 player, a computer, then after that they want an allowance big enough to supply their gas , their cell phone bill, money to go to mcds, and some xtra money in case they want to get their friends something to eat out too,, o and cigarettes, yeah they want us to buy their cigarettes too,, and the have to hang out at the mall so they need some cash for that too,, This is what most of what I hear today where teens are concerned, and mine try to do the same thing, I gave my daughter 150$ one time to go to the mall she came back absolutely broke and she bought one outfit and went out to eat with 2 friends, so hey its crazy what the kids expect this day and age to be called rich,
  • The teenagers I know who get an allowance receive about $10 a week. The kids who are considered rich are the ones who get whatever they ask for, when they ask for it. (An amazingly high percentage). Mine get neither. They have part-time jobs.
  • The only allowance I got is from what I earned delivering News Papers, shining Shoes, collecting returnable coke bottles, mowing yards, working as a pin boy in the bowling alley.; You have to set the pins in the rack and rack it down for the next bowler.
  • I gave my oldest grandson $20/week the last couple of years. His mom supplemented grandson became very adept at saving for gadgets he wants. Now, when I was a kid, I remember at age 13, our class when on a school trip to Niagara Falls (Canada). Over a month, I was able to save $3.00 for this trip and remember still having change leftover after buying souvenirs at the Skylon Tower. I was so proud. This was 1967!
  • I used to get 25 cents a week I thought I was rich. I have 13 year old, she has cell phone,computer, I don't give her allowance if she needs money she will ask for it. If I feel she deserves it I give it to her. If not oh well.
  • I got $3 a day in the late 80's while in HS. I didn't feel rich by any means, it would have had to be around $10. Today, I think to feel rich as a kid you need around 20 a day.
  • If I told you my kids got powdered eggs from the easter bunny, would you be able to guess how much allowance they received?
  • its 50$ per week and i take $4000 to be rich.

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