• Tell her you feel that she has a good routine going and that by bringing you along you will only slow her down. also if she is like most women she will ask your opinion on something then do the exact opposite, so just tell her you trust her choices and that she doesn't need you holding her hand but if she wants you to look over her should then of course you can come :P She leave you at home for sure and think it was all her decision. :P Hope that helps :)
  • no point in making excuses.. just tell her that you're not the shopping type.. but that you'll gladly like to see all the things she bought (with your credit card when she comes home). :)
  • you could say something like 'I feel you'd enjoy shopping more without me. You won't feel pressured to hurry just because I'm there and you can spend more time looking by yourself and here's an extra $50 to make it more exciting!
  • Yard work? how about you wanted to cook her dinner (just make pasta and sauce it's easy). Or tell her that one of her friends wants to go with her and that she should spend some time with her friend.
  • I never like dragging anyone with me to shop, I'm slow at it, he gets to take the baby into electronics or toys while I shop for clothing ,shoes, or baby stuff, then we meet back up to pick out food together. Being too tired is hard to dispute, she doesn't know how your body or mind is feeling.
  • ROTFL...there is no good excuse...go along, take your lumps...if you are going to a mall, give her a set amount of cash to spend and a time at which you will meet her at the food court or another acceptable location...if you are shopping at a freestanding store or at a strip mall, do it one store at a time...agree on a meeting time and location within the individual store, cut her loose (keep the credit cards in your wallet) and be waiting at the agreed time in the agreed place and go find something to look at which is of interest to work in retail, see this all the time...just don't cut her loose with your credit cards, lol...
  • LMAO.....You just got the flu and need to rest....
  • tell her you're not up for it. She might be complaining but I'm very sure she said no to things you asked her to do before. And why make something up and lie to your wife???
  • You need to tell her the truth up front and honest. My husband hates shopping with me so says 'you know I hate shopping, call me when you are almost ready and I will come and pick you up and help you with the parcels'. Much better than lying to me, then I would be seriously p*ssed off.
  • way too much work to do

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