• i have a job :) I am a web developer in a company started by my friend.
  • I don't have a job, I own a business...I don't do much.
  • I have two jobs. One is waitressing. I've had this job for awhile. Basically what I do is serve people (take their orders, bring them what they've ordered, answer their questions about the menu/restaurant/neighbourhood, etc.) and up-keep the restaurant (stocking, cleaning, etc.). The other job is notetaking. For this job I'm employed by the Student Services department in a college, and I also do independent contract work for a private company. For the college, I go to classes where there is a deaf or hard-of-hearing student, and I transcribe the lecture and the classroom discussions on my computer. Sometimes the student sits beside me and reads the screen as I type. Most of them can hear well enough and prefer sitting apart from me, so they read the notes after the class to find out the things they missed. For the private company, I'm sent to a variety of places. Like, most recently I went somewhere and made training notes as a new hire was trained, for his own reference; another time I went to a university for student elections speeches and Q&A: I transcribed what was said, and my computer was connected to a projector so if anyone in the audience was deaf or hard-of-hearing, they could follow along.
  • I have a job. I am a legal assistant to the best boss I've ever had. I prepare legal documents, correspondence & bankruptcy petitions among many other tasks like filing, etc.
  • I stopped working due to a heart problem but my fiance owns a flea market and thrift store
  • i am a lead on a shipping dock for a large window company
  • I am self employed with two small businesses ... ... one since 1977, the second since 1994 ... ... check my profile for some details ...
  • I'm a buyer/planner during the week and I destroy people’s lives on Fri. and Sat. nights...

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