• I can only speak for myself. Hypocrisy. Going to church, memorizing your holy book, saying prayers and treating those who don't believe as you do like crap! That is is a very big turnoff. I avoid hypocrites whenever and wherever I can. They congregate together. I avoid large groups for that reason. Happy Tuesday! :)
  • As someone who grew up in church, I hate to say it but I agree with some of you. Granted I do know a few people who really set wonderful examples and are true to their faith. However, I know many more that are judgemental of other people and very self righteous, yet they are doing the same thing or worse. For example, I know of someone who hits the bars on a consistent basis. Obviously that is their choice, but then every Sunday they are quick to find fault with others and call them a sinner. You can't have it both ways. Some people think that just because they show up on Sunday, they can act anyway they want to the other six days of the week. The bottom line, and I don't want to get into a religious debate, but if you profess to be a person of faith, there is a level of responsibility that comes with it. If you are unwilling or cannot accept that responsibility, maybe you need to look at what you actually believe. If nothing else, you certainly don't need to point your crooked finger at other people.
  • I would say that certainly one of the main reasons has to be with religion's blood guilt do to its involvement in the wars that have plagued mankind. In accordance with the prophetic vision found at Revelation 18:24, Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion plays the role of the great whore that has led nations, peoples, and tribes into bloody wars, crusades, and vendettas, blessing them with incantations, holy water, prayers, and fiery patriotic speeches. Her clergy, especially her chaplains, have been willing tools of the rulers in herding the masses as cannon fodder into the slaughter of two world wars and other major conflicts. Catholic has killed Catholic, and Protestant has dutifully massacred Protestant, with a loss of some 50 to 60 million lives in just the two world wars. Religion has always wanted to exert a powerful influence over “the kings of the earth,” attempting to decide their destinies and their successors. Consider a few examples. The “holy” Crusades (1096-1270), the Thirty Years’ War in Europe (1618-48), two world wars, and the slaughter of some 200,000 Hindus and Muslims on the partition of India (1947) are just a few examples of religion’s bloodguilt.
  • The exercise of common sense.
  • Sheer unmitigated hypocrisy.
  • Because most churches teach their church theology and church laws. Many use traditional beliefs that were originally never based on true Biblical scripture. This was done to make people think they had committed a sin and by paying to the church a sum of money the sin would be absolved. Because sex is a major factor in almost all lives, making sexual things a sin the churches knew the people would keep doing them and have to keep paying and paying and paying. Churches today keep using these same "sin" practices to in effect "control" their members. It is sad churches still practice this and there members still believe their "church laws" and not the "Biblical laws". This information may help to explain what I am saying: Because of the reasons I have given here it turns many people off to "organized religion" and I do not blame them one bit. I too am Christian but do not hold with any church with its church laws and dogma that is contrary to my beliefs. This is my opinion to the question asked. If you do not agree with it that is your privlege. No hateful comments please.
  • its fear, people fear what they dont know (same reason people are racist)
  • The hypocrites in power in almost every church.
  • control of masses of people I liken to marching cows to slaughter, its excatly the same thing.
  • Hypocrisy. However, organized religion does not have the market cornered. There is enormouse hypocrisy and dishonesty in science and government as well.
  • Gee..trying to force me to believe in fairy tales? The wanton killing of those who don't? That's where my list starts, but hardly ends there.
  • Because the Church has been the biggest method of manipulation, control and greed for centuries. It is corrupt. It is hypocritical in the most incredible of ways. My opinion... one of many I am sure.
  • All organized religion involves sinful people gathering in honor of their respective deity/deities. Unfortunately, people (both within and outside of organized religion) are most turned off by character unbecoming of those professing the faith of that religion. For example, if one professes to be a Christian, then the expectation is that the behavior be "Christian." Truly born-again Christians readily acknowledge that we are all sinners and all susceptible to failing to live out the virtues of Christ Jesus to perfection. Christ lived the perfect life that we never, ever could and so our faith is in Him alone. We all fall short of it often to the shame of His name and honor. However, we do profess Him and readily acknowledge that the Christ is perfect and not the Christian. This attitude should mitigate some of the animosity/dislike toward those in Christianity who do falter and fail publicly.

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