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  • First, not all women can Deep Throat and the ones that you know that can, I'm sure you've viewed on porn. You have to remember that those girls spend most of the day with a Dick in their mouths, so you could say "practice makes perfect." So, for your average girls, most cannot do that. Their gag reflexes are too sensitive. A way to loosen that up, if your girl is wanting to please you in that way, tell her to practice on a banana. The more she practices the less she'll use her teeth and the further she'll be able to take it down the throat. It's just like the first time a girl takes it in the ass, it has to loosen up, get used to it. Good Luck & Safe Adventures.
  • The same way you get into Carnegie: Practice Practice Practice.
  • Practice, Its a matter of concentrating on his dick in my mouth and pleasureing him and not worrying about my gag reflexes which I've pretty much gotten used to it now.
  • Read this post:
  • Some girls just have a higher gag reflex while others have a very low gag if any gag reflex and that's how some can natural. Other have to learn and their is actually a lube out now that you put on the end of the penis and as it goes into her mouth it will actually numb her throat to help make it easier for her to do it. You only want to use a little bit. I'm not sure what it is called but I'm sure a local sex shop or you can google it.
  • I used to find it difficult to deep throat,and still do gag from time to time when i do it now, though i am much better at it now. I just learnt to relax and not think about whether i was going to gag or not. Just make sure your wife feels comfortable and go slow and you will see that she finds it easier. From there it just takes practice, it wont happen straight away.
  • If you ask me: Thw whole topic is absolutely overestimated. Deep throat is nice, but a man gets mad by the play of the tongue at the top of the dick. To much porn movies...
  • You have to have no gag reflex... I am not blessed with that gift either... They do make a throat spray that makes you numb... you run the risk of the head of your cock going numb also...
  • Try a throat numbing spray or lemon candy to help with the production of saliva.
  • I can only do it for a few secons at a time
  • Complete relaxation of the throat which requires the confidence (usually from experience) that you will continue to breathe and be OK. The gag reflex is natural and protects us so we have to , in such circumstances, switch it off temporarily.

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