• No, I don't. I'm not very good at public speaking.
  • I have been told many times that I would. However, i think I value taking the micky out the government too much
  • I think I would make a good elected official, but I am not nearly diplomatic enough to ever consider myself a politician.
  • No because I don't know very much about politics and I forgot most of what I learned in history.
  • No, I'm way to indecisive, but I would love to be an ambassador for the United Nations!
  • I think I could do a fair job... but the big decisions would be extremely difficult.
  • No... I'm too sympathetic.
  • Getting elected. . . No, I'm not that good looking and I have somewhat extreme and unpopular opinions on things. For example I think we need to raise taxes and cut the budget by a trillion dollars a year and get this National debt paid off before it consumes us all. But if I got into office I think I could really do the country a lot of good.
  • Yes I think I would be quite good .I have done some work in local politics
  • politicians are very cunning and sneaky. They tend to first, get their victims or should I say the "public" ensnared in a trap of affection or sympathy by vowing to agree with them. They then lure them in, and BOOM! You've been caught by a politician. So did I persuade you on what I think a politician is? if so, I think I would do alright :-P
  • I don't think so, too much responsibility to make everyone happy would just get to me.
  • No, I do not think I would like to be a politician. If I decided to be one by God's will, I could be a good one as the Lord enables me by His sufficient grace.
  • Of course, until I was corrupted by the work itself along with the self indulgent narcistic need to have more power, just like the real politicians...
  • no , not a good actor and do not have a poker face....when i lied, everyone could tell ...... when i was a kid ,i always thought i wanted to be a help the defenseless...i started learning early, there is not much justice or honesty in that either..mainly the discriminations...hate killings,and such.....A Time To Kill is a favorite book and movie.....anyway , im glad i didnt be in a nut house but now or paying a psychiatrist and they are almost as worthless...seems everybody is just out for the almighty dollar...never had that value system for myself....:)
  • no. I am too honest
  • Yes. Once I'm bought I stay bought.
  • No, I would be a terrible one. I would probably fall victim to partisanship and only vote along party lines just to get sh*t done.
  • No! Mostly because if Lewis Black ran for president...I'd vote for him!
  • Nope. Nobody would vote for an atheist :-( And I wouldn't lie about what I believe to get elected.
  • Public speaking wears me down, Im the type of guy that once I get to work I dont want to much involvement in talking to other people, I just want to get it done myself; as a politician thats your job, is to talk and delegate jobs you could just take care of, Id quit the first day.
  • Only if I was permitted to wear denim jeans and a T shirt most of the time ... and Uma Thurman was my secretary, so I could apply the Bill Clinton principle ... Ha! then it would be Kill Bill for real ... Honestly ... I would love to be a politician ... I would make most of them look like the thieves they really are. Peace
  • I would never vote for me.
  • im honest a lot so no
  • Definitely, there important places on world that needs change
  • No ways. I am way too honest, I don't sleep around, I have morals, and I pay my taxes on time. No ways.
  • I do not think that there is a good polictian from my standpoint.
  • Only if you want a right-wing conservative. :D
  • No I don't, I find it very difficult to lie to people, to be a hypocrite and be willing to sell everybody and anybody down the river to further my own interests.
  • no corpo's would have me assassinated.
  • id never get elected the system is too corrupt to allow an independent member to do anything. the kabul is too powerful
  • Yes, the first thing I'd do is kick Fox News off the air for lying to the America and creating an insurrection and a Russian invasion. The second thing I'd do is arrest Trump and his whole family for treason. Then I'd put McConnell in jail for bribery. Then I'd put Kristin Sinema and Joe Manchin in the same cell with him for the same thing.
    • 11stevo73
      you believe everything they say on CNN ?
  • I have too many skeletons in my closet.

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