• No... not at all lol. At least for me. I can remember dating waaay before the internet, and if anything getting to know someone online makes it easier before you actually meet. And if you dont like them, you dont meet. Before, you were just going on blind faith and friend's advice! And if you wanted to get to know them, you'd have to have an actual conversation and spend the evening with them! lol
  • Not really. Most dates, where ever their found [clubs, interenet, blind dates] don't have a second date happen. All it's changed is that it's given people access to a larger pool of [at least supposedly] single people.
  • if you use the net for dating it does for you and everyone else who does yeah. I mean how is that supposed to work? falling in love with a person you don't even know??? you might as well have an imaginary friend
  • not at all. it has not modified of the older methods, it jsut gives another option, people who are confused by additional options are messed up in the head, if an option does not serve you you leave it alone. internet gives you access to so many people that they can be filtered by dozens of attributes of compatibility before you even see them (again, options, you can try just seeing random people is you want) and the internet only brings you together, after that you are back to in person.
  • dont think so, i think its give ppl a great new way to meet people. i think our looser morals is what is frustrating and confusing dating.
  • I dont think so. There are a lot of people that are not as socially outgoing and can meet people at bars/clubs. Chatting online is really relaxed and you're not so obsessed over how you look, how they look...its more about who they are, who you are and getting to know each other the proper way.
  • Opposite, imho. More convenient and full of possibilities.
  • Meeting someone online only means one thing really. You know they can read and type. other than that you do not actually know them.
  • Frustrating in the sense I have yet to meet her, but not confusing. I just sit at home frustrated....if you know what I mean.
  • Both!Due to loads of choice....
  • Like any other thing man come up with, it works fine initially but then somewhere along the line it tends to loose quality for a variety of reasons. Online dating has worked good for some but not for everyone. It does not guaranty that you will be more successful in finding the right mate. It is just one more option to try to find a good mate, but I am not aware of any reliable statistics clearly proving that online dating has been more successfull than conventional dating.
  • Not really, only you can do that.
  • Its possible. so many more choices, easier to cheat, people play games. Its a war zone out there.
  • Made it easier for men to cheat I think...

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