• Seems a bit silly to me. But I guess everyone feels like they have to change to make them feel like they are growing.
  • I think we have network bigwigs with way too much time on their hands who are now scared into justifying their bonuses too...............
  • Its a prime example of stupidity in general. There is nothing "geeky" about Science Fiction.. Nerdy maybe.
  • It seems to me like a stupid spelling and waste of time for a network that has gotten worse over the years. They need to change the quality of their programing not the name.
  • Oh my gosh, i heard that on the Colbert Show and i thought he was kidding! What a tacky name change =/
  • Strange thing, indeed. The url said the network is doing relatively ok .. but they have that "sneaking suspicion" that "sci fi" is too geeky/nerdy. Well, there's a lot of AUDIENCE for that niche "if" they stuck to it. (I don't watch it as often as I used to because it's NOT the scifi it was or could be). Also, learned from your url of their new business partner and plans for a huge GAME - multiplayer - then a tv series to go along with it. Could have used thie "new name" for THAT vs changing the network. It's like a FOOD network wanting to re-invent itself and deciding to do that by becoming the FUD network. LOL Sheesh. Be totally revolutionary or leave it alone. But "SyFy" from "SciFi"? Yuck!!!!
  • I don't like their new name, but they have survived without my attention so far:-) I think they might reconsider if their hard-core fans speak up against it.
  • They might as well since they have left science fiction FAR behind them and instead have turned to stupid shows and movies that are more horror or just plain horrible. Mr. Brooks says, "We spent a lot of time in the ’90s trying to distance the network from science fiction, which is largely why it’s called Sci Fi" ? Yeah, and that's why I've quite watching. I loved when they first came on the air, after watching their colorful kyron for weeks with the moving colors, mesmerizing! They had so many older science fiction shows all morning and afternoon and some newer ones. There were shows ABOUT science fiction that we loved! I gave up on them a long time ago.
  • Wow, that is the stupidest thing ever. I'm a geek and proud! Syfy is a terrible name.
  • It's easier for text geeks, and people who can't spell to write and say. Thats Y.

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