• we matched ours up to the same thickness.
  • Same thickness
  • Using using thick wood floors is a good way to protect you from the creatures of the unknown, but beware of unruly carpet munchers who will kill your cats with no remorse, this can be countered by feeding your cats mildew and soap scum.
  • Thicker wood of course to prevent warping.
  • I definitely think get one the same thickness. For aesthetic reasons, slightly different levels are not pleasing to the eye. For safety reasons e.g. tripping up, you are also better off with the same level of flooring.
  • I don't think so, sorry I am not too much help. But you could ask David Bromstad! LOL. Hope I Helped! Have A Great Day! -LOve Oie
  • Yeah, just feather down the edge by sanding it. If it is not sandable, use a thin threshold that will smooth out the transition, even if you need to cut it length wise. Sometimes we even re-set the tiles forming a ramp onto the higher side, though it feels a little funnier than the other 2 methods, when they are small tiles. GL

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