• Yes! A little cute kid can grow up to be a murderer, a drug addict, or who knows what. People change, and cute kids aren't any different. Cute kids changing into ugly kids as in looks seems possible as well. When they grow up, their faces change, and body which makes them not cute anymore... like I always used to be called cute and now my mom calls me big man, and things that are totally not about CUTE!
  • Yep. A good friend of mine did commercials for Gerber Life when he was three, and he was cute as a button. Now he's a big, fat, ugly, dirty, biker-looking character.
  • Aren't all babies cute? Like little puppies and kittens. I wouldn't call anyone ugly, but some of that baby charm does seem to melt away in almost all of us. Even Drew Barrymore, eventually!
  • Yes. Some facial features that are cute on babies/children are NOT cute on adults. Also, some people just do not take care of themselves, and makes them much less attractive than they could be. Plus, think about what western society considers attractive - it's all about traits that connote youth, especially in women. So when the childlike features (tiny upturned nose, red pouty lips, wide eyes) give way to average adult features, the person doesn't seem as attractive by western standards.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Of course... I hate to sound mean, but have you seen Ron Howard, aka Opie from The Andy Griffith Show? He was a cute kid and although he grew up to be a talented directory, he isn't winning any beauty contests. On the flip side of the coin, there are kids who are awkward looking who grow up to be stunning. I've heard several runway models say that they were gangly and awkward looking kids. This is all speaking purely about being ugly on the outside, though. Being a gorgeous child can sometimes have the adverse effect of making someone ugly on the inside, too.
  • That theory was tested but was reversed. My nephew was the ugliest baby I've ever saw and now he looks like JFK Jr. He's not getting anywhere near a plane.
  • Um... yes. Exhibit A:
  • Probably.
  • Anyone seen Gary Coleman lately?
  • Yeah, I imagine so.
  • I've seen it happen over and over again, especially to so many of those cute kids on TV.
  • One of my first cousins was the cutest, most beautiful child anyone has ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous.... Some thirty five years later: He is almost 275 pounds, wrinkles all over his face, and a kind of sad looking face that makes him look a little like a basset hound. So, the answer is yes....
  • It's somewhat possible.........My nephew when he was born was a scary sight. Possibly the ugliest baby I'd ever seen........Now he looks like JFK the 3rd.
  • yes and let me tell you some homely babies can grow up to be beatiful people(adults). I think it may be because they dont concentrate on their looks and they grow up to be such kind and caring people that their looks mold to the personality.AND that is my guestamation on that!
  • Yes. I was a cute kid, an average looking teenager, a little-less-than-average looking young man and since my early 20s I have been slowly putting on weight year after year, and a few years ago I started getting uglier and uglier. Now at 27 I'm fat and ugly and I don't care how I look anymore.
  • Sure, and vice versa. Adolescence can change the body for better or worse.
  • Have you seen Danny Bonaduce lately?

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