• Even if my child did do some of those things she would always be welcomed back home. I don't know what your parent's reasoning is. Aren't there shelters in your area to help folks who need a spring board towards independence?
  • Absolutely - the ONLY reason I would not let any of my children at any age move back in is if they would remain hooked/drunk/abused by NOT having to face the consequences for their own decisions.... Obviously you cannot change your boyfriend and are doing the right thing by leaving the AH so you should be covered.... I wish you every good fortune.
  • No doubt Id let you/my kids home Especially under the circumstances you wish to leave your current situation
  • My son is 22 and lives away from home but he knows there is a room here for him anytime he wants it.
  • My Dad always said once we moved out, we could never come back. I think that's harsh. I would not encourage my son to come home whenever he wanted to ... but if a "child" has some hardship in their lives and is trying to overcome it ... has a job and will help with expenses ... I think it would be OK on a temporary basis.
  • In a heart beat!!!

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