• A better questions would be WHY SHOULD WE CHANGE? America has always been an English speaking country. I have no objection to having a second language on forms, signs, etc. in areas where there is a large ethnic population, but I resent the fact that non-English speaking people want ME to learn another language. If they want to live in our country, learn the language, at least enough to get by. Immigrants have been coming here for 200 years and learning to live hear and speak the language.
  • NO effects that I can think of. If you LIVE here, you need to learn the language. WHY should we all accommodate everyone else on earth to the point that we fight about it? Some areas may need dual signs, but WE ARE an English speaking country, and efforts to learn English should be made if you plan on assimilating into this 'melting pot' of ours. ALSO- if we move to France [or ANYWHERE ELSE], we should have to learn that language too. Only fair. Only vacationers should be exempt.

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