• Yes my kids cook for me all the time, mostly the youngest one, They cook really good, Cory is the Grillmaster and Cody is the baker. Hell no they dont clean, are you kidding?
  • When my son lived with me years ago ; he would cook all the time ... His meals were interesting and very delicious ... ..and; he cleaned up the kitchen after the meals also.
  • Hi Still! *Waves. Yes they have and they do a wondrful job but I clean up. They are great kids and I love it when they are self sufficient and responsable.
  • Both of my daughters have cooked a time or two for me. It was good, but they wanted me to watch to give them Very seldom do they clean up....Ole dad usually gets that chore....
  • Yes, my 10 year old is learning her wa around a kitchen. She sin't cleaning up, yet, but one thing at a time........
  • Yep. My son made a memorable meal for me years ago. He lived up in northern California and on one of my visits he cooked Tandoori Chicken for me. Yep, he did. Now, his apartment was in Foster City, on the could walk out his sliding glass door, sit on the steps and watch the world glide by on the was beautiful. This happened to be Halloween night...we were sitting at the table, looking out at the lights (it was evening), candlelight on the table, and the lights went out! Yep...across the water we saw lights on and it was beautiful. So we ate dinner by candlelight and the light inside the carved-out pumpkin. Wonderful food, fantastic evening! :)
  • Yeah mine have cooked and cleaned. I must admit that I was hesitating when it was time to eat but it was good.
  • They are preparing Pasta, noodles etc only. Good. remaining is our job.
  • Only on rare occasions and very simple "out of the can/box" stuff. They NEVER clean up after themselves.

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