• They secretly video taped me receiving oral sex, then put it on youtube
  • When my daughter was two she couldn't say truck she used f instead of 'tr' and on a quiet bus said look big .uck. I was most embarrassed.
  • Become teens.
  • well, when I was a nanny for this one family, one of the kids told this guy who worked at his daycare, that I liked him and thought he was cute
  • They have farted in my face!
  • My daughters project when she was 6 was to write why her mam was special... she wrote "She makes really good cheese toasties" My son decided to pull my top down and "expose" me in the middle of the supermarket when he was 2
  • My son was really excited to get to daycare one day when he was about 3. He ran into the room trying to get his coat off. He used to call his coat his "jack" for jacket. As he ran into the room, he yelled "jack off" "jack off"!!! YIKES.
  • I was in a big toy store yesterday with my 4 year old daughter who was walking and my nearly 2 year old son who was in the seat in the trolley. I went up to the til to pay for the toys one of which my son was still holding, i took it off him and gave it to the lady on the till and my son started having crying cos I had taken this toy off him, she scanned it and gave it to me back, I passed it to him and he turned round to the lady on the til, gave her a huge frown and scowl and said ur naughty SHARE!!!! haha
  • (I'm the kid in this situation) When I was about 3, my mom and I were at the airport, waiting in line at customs. So I'm siting on a carry-on. Sitting..... sitting... sitting, when wall of a sudden, I see a big, shiny, red, button on the wall. It was just sitting there, enticing me with it's big, shiny redness. I had to press it. So I did. (My mother did not see me do this) All of a sudden, an alarm goes off and tons of police men come out of nowhere. My mom looks back at me to see if I'm okay, and sees that I am totally limp on the floor. Like a rag doll. She soon realizes what happened. I had pushed the big, shiny, red button above me. I don't remember what I was thinking, but I must have thought they were going to arrest me or something, because around that point I was in shock. (Resulting in becoming a rag doll) My mother got the attention of one of the policemen, pointed to me, and told them that I had pressed the button. Keep in mind that there were hundred of people waiting in line with us. And they all saw what happened. I can't imagine anything more embarrassing.

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