• No, but I presume you have a fantastic singing voice.
  • No but I automatically think you wake up thinking Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'.
  • Truthfully? When I think of Oklahoma in general, I think of a farm. I don't think all people in Oklahoma live on a farm, but a picture of a farm appears to mind.
  • No, i picture you in a cafe with shopping bags.
  • No way! But, I love in the region, so I am aware that the majority of Okies live in towns and cities.
  • No. I think you look like Ron Howard when he was 6.I also think you ride around in a surry with the fringe on top.
  • No but are you a OU fan
  • no you smell like one. Does it matter what people think? If people laugh when you tell them your from OK then let them laugh. (dont down grade me Im kidding) When I think of OK I think of honest, good people; University of OK; films "The Tuskegee" Airmen, "The worst day ever", and "rumble fush"; Paul Harvey (radio host), Jim Thorpe (worlds greatest athlete), Baseball players Mickey Mantle, and Johnny Bench, and actor James Garner. Honestly I forgot OK had farms
  • Well, my great grandparents homesteaded in Oklahoma and we used to go to the farm for family reunions. I do think of farmland when I think of OK, but no, I realize everyone there isn't a farmer. Any more than all of us New Mexicans make beautiful pottery.
  • No, no farm for you Okie, but I bet you dip yur snuff and drink yur keystone like a Man! Love ya!
  • No because I understand where you are coming from. Hello from Arkansas :]
  • yes haha. im from california do you automatically think i surf and my neighbor is a movie star?
  • No. But I suspect you'd burn my Texas A&M sweatshirt.

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