• In the U.S. the word "nigger" is considered a racial slur. Using this word (and others)is almost considered to be a hate crime.There are some that don't even like the word "Negro". You didn't mention what country you are from, but if something within your girlfriend's culture is acceptable it doesn't mean that it is accepted by the majority, or in another country. The word is also determined derogatory by who says it. A black person can call another black person that name, but not very many others can. I wouldn't go up to a black person to call them a nigger on the basis that the Fillipinos think it's OK. Another example is that the word "neggar" means "Negro" in German. That's OK if you live in Germany.... There's another point to be made. Why do these people feel so strongly about it, as far as identifying "racially" taboo words? I know my race gets called certain things, and I'm not worried about it. I know women get called many derogatory words; is it a "hate crime"? If women are bitches, what does that make men? sons of bitches Don't call me a Bitch or I'll start a riot.
  • Never. The Visaya word for black is "nigro". The word "nigger" came from US military who called the Filipinos niggers during the early 20th century. They don't know that this word came as a disgusting put down to themselves.

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