• I personally know that Ice Mountain water comes from a tap in the factory. Other kinds though, I'm not sure.
  • I'm going to start bottling my toilet water, I'll let you know how it sells.
  • Not sure where it comes from, but it tastes alot better then from my Toronto tap and so much easier to grab a bottle from the fridge and go!
  • I like Dasani best. And they put stuff in their water. The ingredients are purified water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, salt. And the salt 'adds a negligible amount of sodium'
  • Have you noticed that Evian spelt backwards is Naive?
  • Evian spelled backwards is Naive. It's another way to suck the money out of consumer's wallets. If you want good water and don't have a home purification system, then just by the cheapest filtered water. For a quarter you can go to the local triple filtered water station and deposit the quarter and fill up a gallon container with high quality water. We're talking about water here, H2O. It doesn't get mare basic than that.
  • We have one of those Pur on-tap filters. We also have a Brita pitcher. We fill the Brita pitcher with Pur water so it goes through both filters before we drink it. It's very good, I highly recommend it.
  • Personally I can taste the difference between tap, filtered water (PUR & Brita), purified (Dasani)and natural spring water. Spring water is much better. My favorite use to be Evian but the water that you get here in the states does not taste the same as what you get in Europe. Which makes me think that some huge corporation got a hold of it and they are just marketing the name with filtered or purified water. The best is Fiji!! I love that water.
  • All 'spring' water or 'artesian' is just water that comes out of the ground. They certainly are not standing there holding bottles under an icy spray of water shooting from a hole in the rocks. It comes from a tap. I have well water at my house, and it tastes better than any bottled water.
  • Evian is from the Alps :D while it doesn't have all the minerals and nutrients they add to tap water. It tastes a whole load better. And did you know that the water that comes out of your tap has been recycled about 20 times before you drank it. That means a whole load of things...from a river, urine, sweat etc... It's not nice when you think about it while drinking

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