• Speak about something you like and that might interest the rest of the class. This makes it easier to find a subject and allows you to be more fluent.
  • When making a public address to a small captive audience it is best to involve your listeners in some way, for example handouts, or audience participation. Since you have to do a how to" presentation, you have the perfect oportunity to go down in class history. You will need to have a good sturdy piece of paper for each member of your audience, including your teacher. Walk them throu the steps of "building the "perfect aerodynamically compatible aragomy (folding art) structure. Sharp students, and possibly the teacher will pick up on it quick. Even if not, it should be fun for all. After you pass out the paper, walk the class through th proper folding of a paper airplane, one fold at a time. Go slow enough so that everyone folds the last creas at the same momen. Then call for an imediate test flicht of all in the calss. All 30 students launching paper airplanes at the same time before the teaxcher stops you! What a blast!
  • ask your teacher, she might give you some good ideas
  • Pick anything and explain it entirely!

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