• When I was young it all depended on how short the skirt was.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. If one wanted to wear a mini skirt why wear anything else? To wear shorts, tights, stockings etc shows you should not be in a mini because you are too scared to won it, it owns you. Makes about as much logic as trying to put a fire out in the hay barn with more hay, thinking if you can get enough hay on the fire it will smother the flame. That is certainly a fashion faux pas in my book.
  • That sort of defeats the whole point doesn't it.
  • I love women in short skirts..You try to get an eye ball full, but you never
  • C'mon ladies. Step yo game up.
  • ME ME! Lols, i got used to it, and it gave me some re-assurance. wearing shorts underneath ur skirt is ok, but u must definitely wear shorts that cannt be easily seen by others if u happen to wear mini-skirts!otherwise, ur whole outfit will be ruined. So my advice is that u can still wear shorts underneath but wear shorts that are very short! they are readily available!
  • I don't. Looks silly.
  • I'm surprised you don't know.
  • Me and I hope the rest of my country (Holland) wears a thong underneath. That still covers up the main parts right? Plus you should buy a well fitted skirt, one that stays in place! :)

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