• Yes, did it work?....Nope! :o)
  • Yes I have, and I respect their commitment to their beliefs enough to go out and have doors slamed in their faces and they keep coming back for more.
  • Yes, and I was having a very bad day, so I slammed the door in their faces. I felt kinda bad, but I also felt kinda good hehe...
  • What a coinky-dink. Someone just came to my house and gave me this vouchre for a free MORMON video. ^o)
  • All it took was ONE visit about 10 years ago when I was sharing a house with someone in college and I never answered the door again...unless I was expecting someone. No seriously to this day, (for various other reasons too) I dont answer the door for anyone EVER!
  • Only Jehovah's Witnesses
  • I told them i was having sex with the devil and they would have to come back later. In truth the guy told me his nickname is "The Devil." Still hilarious when they gave me a look of shock and disbelief. :)
  • Yes, yesterday, not impressed, they backed their car over what is left of my lawn and left tire marks, and we only have a narrow driveway, but they wouldn't give over for another car to pass, (me coming home!), so I had to back out, and they had young kids with with who should have been in school not cavorting around with their parents annoying people in their own homes. My step-son said they were settling in full a 'session' at the door (he is also not the kind to slam the door in their faces) till he started coughing and spluttering (he is home with man-flu) and they left pretty quick on that...
  • Yes Jehovah's witnesses frequently come by. I try to be polite but considering the fact I am a Baptist, it ticks me off when they tell me my "faith is wrong."
  • Yes; and within the FIRST two minutes, I let them know that I am NOT interested ... and I close the door .
  • I used to have, but now I have a locked gate with a sign on it that I don't answer the door. They occasionally throw magazines over the gate, but I just leave them there, and eventually, they stop throwing them over.
  • I used to have a problem with the damn Jehovah's Witnesses coming to my door. I'll tell them that they have three seconds to get off my property before I let the dogs loose. :-) They leave really fast. :-)
  • Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses. One of my past teachers would tell them, Sorry but he never saw an accident. Get it witnesses, I thought it was funny:)
  • yes, and I always listen to what they say...not that they could change my beliefs...but I still listen. My mom use to make us hide when ever they came...I just cant do that.
  • few times, usually my Pit Bull comes at the door they don't share anything. Damn dog!!!
  • Yes I used to have Jehovah Witnesses come to my door and then I used to go to houses and do the same thing when I was younger and belonged to the church my dad Pastored.
  • 2 years ago my friend opened the door to a jehova witness and for the laughs (I guess to him) my friend told him to come back in a bit, "we are burning bibles"
  • Yes and I chase them off. Literally. I tell them NO SOLICITING. I tell them NO WATCHTOWER, no bible verse, no invites to church. I tell them to bugger off, take a hike, get lost. I ask them for their permit to be in my neighborhood. I tell them I am going to call the cops on them. I tell them NO TRESPASSING. They don't want to share anything that I want.
  • Yes, so I tried to sharing right back, they didnt want to hear about mine, LOL.
  • Yes, but not for about 25 years
  • Yes, I very much dislike it but I'm polite about it. It's a little annoying when I'm under my truck all greasy and dirty and I see a couple pairs of feet in nice shoes and connected to them are a body and a smiling face that wants to convert me. It's just the wrong time and place.
  • Yes. They didn't survive.
  • Yep. I just tell 'em I'd love to accept their religion, but they gotta take my boyfriend too. That usually gets them to move along.

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