• The reason it exists is BECAUSE of segregation and discrimination. You take history for granted as being simply history without taking into account history is typically told solely through the eyes of the dominant culture. Without black history month odds are few white people would care about any historical figures outside of the obvious like MLK. Keep in mind that prior to just a 3 or 4 decades ago, black people were legally considered unequal to white people in this country for most of it's history and thus not worthy of documenting as important regardless of achievement. With that said, your question does indicate how pointless the month is because most white people in this country could care less. The ones who do would likely learn something without it.
  • I think it's to focus on the good things that came out of the bad? What is there to teach about black history besides the fact that people were treated like shit? Maybe it shows people "So they were more than just slaves, they did stuff like everyone else". That's my guess.
  • From a certain viewpoint yes but you have to look at it in its original context when black people often felt inferior and neither black nor white people knew anything much about black history or contributions to our society.

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