• Awww, shoot! I can't see videos on this computer... I guess that makes me a loser. :-(
  • Patsy Kline Roy Orbison Conway Twitty Hank Williams Sr Loretta Lynn (one of my favorites)! And then Dolly of course....
  • I Fall to Pieces" is a single released by Patsy Cline in 1961, and was featured on her 1961 studio album, Patsy Cline Showcase. "I Fall to Pieces" was Patsy Cline's first #1 hit on the Country charts, and her second hit single to cross over onto the Pop charts. It was the first of a string of songs that would be written by Hank Cochran and Harlan Howard (not always collaborating together) for Cline. "I Fall to Pieces" became one of Patsy Cline's most-recognizable hit singles. It has also been classified as a country music standard.
  • Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy film. The film centers on the titular character, down-on-her-luck prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) who is hired by a wealthy businessman and corporate raider, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) to be his escort for several business functions, and their developing relationship. Pretty Woman was initially intended to be a dark drama about prostitution in Los Angeles but was reconceptualized into a romantic comedy. The film was a critical success and became one of 1990's highest grossing films, and today is one of the most financially successful entries in the romantic comedy genre, with an estimated gross of $464 million USD.[1] Roberts received a Golden Globe Award for her role, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Screenwriter J. F. Lawton was nominated for a Writers Guild Award and a BAFTA Award. The film was followed by a string of similar romantic comedies, including Runaway Bride, which teamed up Gere and Roberts under the direction of Garry Marshall once again.
  • I close my eyes and don't see anything? what are you talking about? and the last one is tricky I really dont know about that singer..
  • Hank Williams Sr.
  • Conway Twitty....don't know anything about this singer....but I got to admit it ..... NICE NUMBER!
  • How about this?
  • I always liked this one.
  • Ever see this one? Roberta Flack and (Young) Jackson
  • Ditto and Stillme this is for you.
  • OMG I almost forgot this one!
  • Elvis Presley First on the Milton Berle Show. Second performing "Jailhouse Rock."
  • Johnny Cash And... Ritchie Valens Buddy Holly J.P. Richardson (aka The Big Bopper)

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