• It doesn't bother me when i dont get a comment, what annoys me sometimes is that if someone disagrees with what my sentiments are in the answer they dr it. The art of conversation is completely lost!
  • A little, but not too much. I answer not only for the questioner, but for people who search Google for the answers. Someone, sometime, somewhere will rate it. As for comments, I would prefer to receive something, to let me know the questioner actually read my answer, but otherwise, it doesn't bother me. Again, someone, sometime, somewhere will comment it.
  • I do look forward to getting comments for my answers but I also understand that sometimes answers fall through the cracks. I've found answers to some of my questions that go back months and they never showed up on my Profile Page! I do admit that what does bother me is users who have a pattern of never commenting or rating answers but just post questions and abandon them. I think it's common courtesy to at least acknowledge someone taking the time to answer your question. Luckly, there aren't too many who do that but those are people whose questions I generally avoid.
  • yeah kinda. i get a little disappointed when i don't get any answers to a question i really want an answer to.
  • Naw. Sometimes it has been rated up but then others come by and give DR's so there ya go. You do your best by giving your best answer. Then it's up to others to do their best and sometimes their best is very lousy. Happy Monday! :)
  • I think a person should at least have the common courtesy to respond to someone that has answered their question.
  • I don't expect either and I no longer am disappointed when I don't receive either. Seems like too many ABers don't really care about the answers they receive. Last time I checked, almost 7,000 of my answers received no points.
  • I have seen many top ABers say that they are, yet it's these same ABers who over look or don't comment when someone answers their questions. It's because of them that I don't comment on my answers unless the answer touches me in some way, why should I make the effort for them when they don't - not only that, but no one wants a hollow comment that means nothing. I care about my answers, but only post to those who will comment back or what's real (how I feel or what I think), if you don't like that, then don't answer my questions, there are many other ABers and honestly I won't miss you .. not trying to be mean, just keepin it real.
  • Sometimes; especially if I think it was a really good question. I think it bothers me more if I get a comment but no points! I always leave points for answers I like and if I leave a comment I always leave points too.
  • Sometimes. Especially when it is about something serious where I have taken extra time and care to formulate an answer.
  • sometimes, depends on what the question was

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