• I have drank it many times when visiting my grandfather's farm.I found it tastes much better,and it had no chemicals in it,as in city water.Also it had minerals in the water.
  • The well water we had at one house was undrinkable unless run through a water softener. OTOH, the city water from Lubbock TX and DeKalb IL is pretty bad, too.
  • that really depends on issues like the rocks etc in the area - some may need to be treated before drinking. Where I grew up, our water came from a reservoir which was in the mountains - and it was lovely water!!! Then "they" invented treatment plants - now it has a vague whiff of chlorine :(
  • no it actually tastes a hundred times worse... at least here in south florida thats the case.. the well water here isnt exactly clear, and it smells funny, and doesnt get treated the way city water does... the city water goes through the treatment plant, and you know its safe to drink and bathe in.. well water, well u never really know what ur gonna get.
  • I took a while to get used to the taste when I built in the country. Now I think it taste great. It is a bit acidic though. pH of 6.4. Different wells do taste differently depending upon where you live and the rocks it comes from.
  • In some areas yes. Here in Ames, IA we have some of the best city water around. I think we might actual have some title because of our city water. Well water tastes "thick" if you are use to bottled or filtered water. Usually that is the case. Of course it depends on where you get it at.
  • Depends on the water in the well. I have tasted well water in the south.........omg.....nasty, the only thing good about it was it was wet. Another place iodine had to be added to the water for drinking, that's a real experience. But I have also tasted well water that was better than any city water I have experienced.
  • Depends upon where the well is.. If it is plain and clean then it is always better city water.
  • Going from Toronto water to country well water for myself tasted alot different and better however being from the city... I lived off of bottled water because I didn't like how chlorinated that water tasted and the well water seems to be alot sweeter-ish which is ok but I still love and live off of my bottled water.
  • 1) "First, probably the worst tests for water quality are sight, taste and smell. Some waters could LOOK pristine and yet be highly cantaminated even dangerous; e.g. One can add deadly amounts of chlorine to murky water and it will sparkle but you couldn't drink it. Water containing arsenic will have a very pleasant almond taste! Sulphur water smells like rotten eggs but some drink it for the laxative effect, sort of like a tonic.Add enough chlorine to it and it will improve the smell but NOT the quality.A high level of nitrates are a signal that the water quality is detiorating.When I have a high level of nitrates in my aquarium I know it is time for a water change or lose some fish!So in an analigious way you are asking if fire insurance might be a good idea because you are noticing a litte smoke coming from your basement, but you have lived there fourteen years and haven't had a fire so far.The question I have is that in the beginning of your query you state that you can have city water connected for free and then you say the hook up will be expensive.Well, be that as it may, your choice is invest in good water or play a roulette game with your well and maybe end up connecting to the city later anyway if the well gets too bad." Source and further information: 2) "Those who live in rural areas may be too far away to hook up with the local water system. In that case, you may need a well. Not being part of the city supply has both advantages and disadvantages. Many people think well water tastes better. Even if taste or hardness is a concern, you can still use treatment systems like reverse osmosis, just as you would with a city supply. Having your own well means you don't have to worry about additives like chlorine or fluoride, which are often used by municipal facilities. Then again, you alone are responsible for ensuring the water's safety. There's no treatment plant to automatically disinfect the water, or scientists to test its quality. You'll have to do that yourself. You should also be on the alert for any possible sources of contamination, like nearby barnyards, ponds or septic tanks, that might enter your well. Probably the best thing about city water is its reliability: it rarely, if ever, runs dry. Wells vary in their ability to produce water. If yours produces less than two gallons per minute, you'll probably need a storage tank, too. For more information about well water versus city water, visit the library, or consult a water quality expert." Source and further information: 3) "Usually city water comes from a river. River water has contaminants and pollutants, but it passes through several types of cleaning processes along the way to your house. It has also been sent through a number of tests to check for purity. There are agencies which are responsible for the quality of city water; you can get in touch with them to find out what types of tests have been done to be sure the quality is good. Well water, on the other hand, comes directly from the ground. It doesn’t go through any cleaning processes like river water, but it is filtered naturally as it slowly drains from the surface to the underground reservoirs. Unfortunately, city water, even though it is clean and safe, doesn’t necessarily smell or taste good. It contains minerals that sometimes give water an unpleasant look, smell or funny taste. Also, it can sometimes have effects on your dishes, laundry and hair due to its hardness. For a minimal investment, there are filters as well as water additives you can use to get your water tasting and looking better. On the other hand, water from your well may appear fine because it smells, tastes and looks clean. But, there are chemicals often found in well water that have no taste or smell and don’t change the look of the water. Actually, some of these will actually make your water taste more pleasant. There is only one way to be certain that your well water is safe, and that is to have it tested for bacteria and other dangerous chemicals." Source and further information:…-which-is-better-1722.html Further information:
  • in my opinion..aboslutely!! i grew up on a farm in PA and the well water there is soooooo good. i've never had it anywhere else so i can't compare, in germany, tn, and tx, i've only had city!
  • Depends on the location of the well and the mineral content of the land. For example, since smell has a lot to do with our taste perception, places which are high in sulpher will have well water which smells like rotten eggs, and this throws the taste off for the average drinker.

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