• Most of the ones that have kids. We have more kids running wild than pets.
  • We have some new folks and I don't know how their kids will be this summer. So far so good. We have a lot of original owners so lots of the children are grown up and gone. The second/third generation of owners have children but I haven't noted them 'running free and wild'.
  • everyone. you didnt kno? thats the new thing to do lol
  • actually in a great neighborhood and the kids are super...very respectful kids..yes sir, no sir...good students and nice where I live... But, having said that, that is the way I grew mom worked 7 days a week...long hours..she was never there. My dad, after World War II and one the first to hit Normandy beaches on D-Day, stayed in the hospital most of my younger years...and when he got out, he just had a blank stare on his face. Gone...out there somewhere. But, somehow, me and my brother came out of this mess and got our degrees and both did good...feel very lucky and blessed... Did not mean to write a book..have a great day my freind...
  • Not enough, They mostly stay in their own yard, there are a few that play sports in the street, nothing like it used to be.
  • Too many for my comfort.
  • Most of them:) Cute little trouble makers:) They all roll around like a little gang... It cracks me up!:)
  • In my neighbourhood no-one seems to let their kids out at all - afraid they'll scrape a knee. However in other areas the immigrant kids are out in force
  • Thankgod there is only two streets in my neighbour hood and not too many young children the child that did used to run free has grown up a little and is not so bad his name is damian no questions please lol
  • Hmmmmmmmm.....Everyone !!!!!!!!
  • There are 3 or 4 who run around and scream all the time now that the weather is getting warmer.
  • all those who have kids.. and they do whatever they want..even walk up to a random person and say fuck you.

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