• The hypotenuse is taken to be the radius of a circle. If you scale the triangle so the hypotenuse = 1, then you're dealing with a unit circle and the sides of the triangle are sine & cosine function values.
  • Check out these articles for a simple free tool and tutorial that will make right angle trig simple enough for ANYBODY to understand!
  • Take the angle theta to begin rotation from the x axis. sin theta gives you the y coordinate of a point on the unit circle, cos theta gives you the x coordinate. tan theta is a little trickier to explain. Picture a tangent line perpendicular to the x axis (i.e. perpendicular to the point where theta = 0). Now draw a diagonal along the "line" to a point at a certain angle on the unit circle until it intersects with the earlier tangent line. The length of the tangent segment is the value of tan theta.

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