• I wouldn't mind assisting as long as the “vision” for the site was fully explained in whole, with details of how you plan on getting this thing up and going.
  • I have amore than 40 years programming in ADA, COBOL, HPL, Basic, Assembly, Machine, C, Pascal, SUN. But, you're talking setting up a website. That would be a website designer that you would want to find. Well, did that too. I ran a BBS a good 10 years prior to the Internet coming along. You best seek someone locally though. I don't think you are going to find anyone willing to do than on Internet without up front financing. And it is way too complicated setting up an Interstate business. You have to deal with state and local taxes in both locations as well as varying laws.
  • I will add, I have a BS in Electronic Engineering, Masters in Metrology, An associates in Microwave, Troposperic and Radar Repair. Certificates from HP, Compaq, IBM, Sperry, Honeywell and SUN in programming as well as component level computer repair. And I have worked for the US Government with Army, Air Force, Navy, NASA and Bureau of Standards. Also Northrop, Bell Aerospace, Morton Thiokol and several others. Know what? Not one of them ever asked to have me present anything more than a resume' and cover letter until after hire. I have been approched with blind offers. Yours is a basic idea where you are seeking someone with technical and legal knowledge as well as the money to finance it. You don't have a chance unless you locate a partner face to face and residing in your location. Should add that to see examples of my work, you would still need a Secret or higher Government clearance and Need to Know. Even in private industry they have proprietary ownerhip of employees works. They don't often give it away free. This is not an offer, but I could have about anyone with an IQ over 110 doing website design in under 30 days. Look around your area and you can find someone to teach you. Or hire it done, My ISP is Clearwire, part of Dish Network. They offer those under $500 web design services. There are plenty others doing the same. Just trying to pass some experience. I was about 34 when I got smart. Even with two of the now three college degrees. The schools University of Arizona, University of the Air Force and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Only thing kept me from a PhD was lack of time and a difficult time with 1st and second semesters of Calculas so I didn't care to take semesters 3 and 4.
  • advertise in craigs list.
  • I do both (well, actually I manage projects now, but still do both because I enjoy it), but I don't have the time. I'm working on a start-up now. Try and see if you can find some free-lancers.

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