• Only if the program was accredited by a real accrediting board and not one made up by the online program provider. Existing US schools that have their brick-and-mortar degree programs accredited by one of the six regional accreditation boards usually have their online programs approved by the same regional board. These degrees are 100% equal to the one you get from attending on-site classes. Some online schools are accepted due to their longevity and high percentage of quality graduates. The University of Phoenix comes to mind in this category. Some will almost never be accepted for various reasons. The most obvious is that the "school" is really a degree mill; they take your money and churn out fake diplomas with little or no scrutiny of your qualification. The next is that the program may not be accepted across state lines. California will accept law degrees granted by an online school in California and let those holders sit for the Bar exam, but only if those people take a special 1st year exam before they proceed to years 2 and 3.

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