• That depends on the child. It would only be appropriate if they can be trusted alone. I was left alone when I was 8 or 9. I began baby sitting siblings, cousins, parents friends when I was 11-12. Though, my younger brother wasn't allowed to be alone until he was about 14.
  • Don't have kids, but I'd say freshman year of high school, although I did it from about 7th grade
  • In our state it is legal at the age of 10 to be left alone for one hour and at 12 unlimited. +5 (I was told through the grapevine I have never asked officially)
  • when my child is in college.......You can never be too sure these days. Sorry she's staying with Gramma until we get home.....
  • In my opinion it would be 16
  • It depends upon the child's maturity level. My son would come home alone for just an hour when he was 11. He always did well and had phone numbers and neighbors he could contact if he ever had any problems. We wouldn't leave him alone for any longer than that at that age.
  • As soon as my kids graduate, they will come home to an empty house, a Century 21 sign, and tire tracks! . My wife says otherwise, though. <sigh>
  • I would say, depending on the maturity level of the child, at 9 or 10, it would be fine to allow them to be home alone for awhile, as long as they know to obey the rules (not letting anyone in the house, not telling anyone on the phone you're home alone, no using the stove, etc.). By 11 or 12, most kids are able to be left alone for long periods of time.
  • I think it depends on the child. Of course around 12 for most. Some kids are responsible, some are not ready for it.
  • I was 11 when my parents entrusted me to watch after my brother and myself for a few hours each day.
  • The age of 12 should be appropriate, I should say. Atleast till then there should be someone to welcome them home.
  • I would say as soon as they hit the teens but only everyonce in a while not regularly. I would say once they start driving they can be at home without anyone regularly.
  • It really depends on the child, but I think that 12 is good rule of thumb.

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