• I see retirement as a reward from all the years of hard work put in. Some cannot retire as they feel it may be selfish because others depend on them way too much and retirement will mean that help will most likely go away. Well I will refuse to believe that when the time comes, it is not a selfish act to tell those you have carried it is time to set down that luggage and enjoy the rewards that are due you as they too will come to this point in life. Like a band-aide my friend, you just have to rip it off quickly.
  • :) When I find out I will let you know. The burden sometimes is irksome to carry but my conscience does not just let me desert the post.
  • Everyone will do well to discharge all their life's responsibilities before retirement. I feel no one should retire from active life permanently. A post retirement occupation that will be less demanding is a necessity. You just can't read newpapers or watch TV all day saying you have retired! But the occupation should not be for the sole purpose of earning money. The pre-retirement savings should be enough to take care of all the retiree's needs. Any income from the post retirement occupation is welcome but should not be a thing to be depended upon. Alternately voluntary social service could be a post retirement occupation. The choice depends on the person concerned and the amount of energy still left after a long innings of hard work.
  • In my view we all know the fixed date of our retirement. we can plan it in the way it reaches us. Retirement is a change of our work, field, and also a chance if there to fulfill our old pending desires.
  • I've been thinking about that as I close in on the standard retirement age of 65. I don't want to retire yet, and since I am self employed, I don't have to. But I would like to have a plan in place for the day when I physically can't do what I need to do any longer. So if you get a good answer, let me know. :)
  • I can't imagine how.
  • Retirement is a recent concept that makes no sense. For most, it is an unrealistic fantasy. If you are not financially secure, you will never be able to retire. If you are, you can. It's nothing to do with age. Simple!
  • Isn't retirement the reward at the end of life for all your hard work? Otherwise it's pointless. Unless you really honest to god enjoy your job, retire. You are not as irreplaceable as you believe, and if it means that a few people have to stand on their own two feet for once in their lives, it's good for you and it's good for them.
  • Some people never get to fully 'retire', but making some moves to ensure the independence of those who may still 'depend' on you, such as furthering their education, or helping out with securing a home, may go a long way towards alleviating some of that responsibility. You shouldn't be required to support your children/grandchildren forever. You have every right to spend your post-career years enjoying the fruits of your long labors. Its really up to you to 'let go' and take your leisure. Some people are unable to do that, too;) Good luck!

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