• Slave Labor
  • Egyptian slave labour, with engineering guidance from space aliens.
  • to display power.
  • Slave labour. However it is now thought that they were highly skilled slaves, selected from many thousands to carry out this highly important job. It is thought that blocks were used, to make like a road all the way round the pyramid up to the top, and the blocks were moved with ropes, big long logs used as leverage and wheels, and cattle and horse power. The 'road' around the pyramid was then knocked down, creating the mystery as to how they built it. However there is no evidence to prove this, this is just a theory. Most other theorys run around the basis that the Egyptians were highly intelligent, and created a very simple yet very effective way to get the blocks of stone up there. Maybe they built it from the inside???
  • Architects with slave labor of course. They treated the slaves with a degree of respect though and had doctors on hand since injuries were frequent as one would imagine. The workers may even have been volunteers since they believed that they were doing their religious duty and this would favor them in the afterlife. Lots of dwellings and even a few markets surrounded the pyramids to cater to the needs of the workers there. So it may be that not all the workers were bound to work there but did so out of religious piety.

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