• I used to drive horses and carriages in Baltimore, Md for a private owner. He hired his carriage horses out through the year to finance his horse shows, so we did weddings all over the place. We also did a number of parades each year, so I've been in a bunch. Many times I didn't even know what the parade was for, I just showed up and drove my horses where they told me to go. I know we did one for Washington's b-day each year and the Baltimore May-mart parade. I think some of the others were for the Shriners.
  • St Patricks Day parade in my local town. Our patron saint in ireland, i marched with my team mates. We had won the county final that year...:)
  • I marched in our 4th of July parade, with my fireman's uniform.
  • I was on a drill team when I was in high school. it was a military school I went to and competition to be on the team was stiff. If we made it, we got off campus quite a bit. Did it for three years, marching and competing in parades around the mid-Atlantic.
  • Memorial Day and 4th of July parades.
  • Well, can't say I marched, but I walked along in a gay rights parade and in my daughter's 4th of July parade in her day care years ago.
  • I marched against the Vietnam War at least once. That was in late 1965.
  • I've ridden my Harley in a number of parades for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. About 100 of us rode behind the hearse when a local boy from a small town in NC had his final homecoming. The entire town turned out to honor him, and indirectly us, including schoolkids, workers, etc. I cried almost the whole way.
  • Yes, I was in a Drum and Bugle corps. from age 9 to age 19. We marched in multiple parades for all the Holidays, big regional events and days of recondition in NY, NJ, CT & PA. In Total I’ve participated in over 250 parades. Thank you because I never took the time to add them all up.
  • When I was very young: * My mother was in a Founder's Day Parade in Sheridan, Indiana. She dressed in a funny-looking outfit, and road a "covered-wagon" float. I remember going to the garage where they built some of the floats and sitting in a couple of the seats kids would be sitting in, so they could make sure they'd work! LOL (My dad may have been a clown in that parade, and it's possible my grandfather was in it as the Volunteer Fire Chief. They turned the corner just before our front yard, and I remember leaning on the fence, watching them go by.) * When we moved to Indianapolis, I remember going downtown for a Shrine Circus and Parade. The little boy who played Timmy in Lassie was in that parade. * I'm sure I saw a couple of Indy 500 parades. * When we moved to Lafayette, Indiana, I remember going to the Thanksgiving Day parade a few times, and especially remember the year I changed Jr Highs, and a few of us selected the colors and names. That year, I was there as our band went by. I haven't been to a parade for some time, and don't ever remember being IN one, myself. In HS the choir I was in sang in front of the Princess Palace at Disney World. I think it was it's second year. We had over 80 people in the choir, so our marching out from the palace to our places was kinda like a parade, wasn't it? LOL
  • Every year I attend the st patricks parade, canada day parade and santa parade. The past year I marched in both the st patty's and canada day...had a blast
  • When I was in Brownies, we marched in our local town's Lilac Day parade. When I was in high school, I didn't march, but rode on a homecoming float.
  • Memorial Day
  • I've never marched in, but I've attended a few Mardi Gras parades (they have many of them starting a month before Mardi Gras). These were family oriented affairs, unlike what occurs in the French Quarter on Mardi Gras.
  • The last time i can remember marching in a parade, is when my unit returned from Desert Storm.
  • It was a right to life march/parade.
  • I went to a protest march against the movement of Nerve Gas to Ft. Knox, Ky. That was kind of neat. But most recently I attended 3 Mardi Gras parades in 1 week! Gotta hand it to those Louisianians, they take their Mardi Gras seriously.

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