• Well I met my wife online. Going on 7 1/2 years now...go figure.
  • Worked for me. Crazy guy is still hanging around;)
  • How long have you been chatting online? You will meet, eventually. it is the best relationship, and I will tell you why, you get to know the persons true heart, because we tend to type sometimes faster then our brains. Often times you will see someone type something like 'did I just say that?' so it's true.
  • Probably the same as meeting someone when your drunk in a bar or on your best behaviour at work...
  • jst abstract his ideas n veiws about life n plays some flabergasting tricks which forces him to vomit only truth so u can finally built an online relationship
  • Worked for me. Didn't the first time, but... (Met a lady through one of the free online relationship sites in 1998, we emailed and IMed a while, called occasionally, and went to Disney World - I'd won a radio contest) together. We continued IMing, emailing playing an online game with chat, and were together (3 hours apart) for two years before we broke up.) My wife and I met online (AIM) in late 2000. We IMed a while, talked on the phone and emailed a while, and then she came to visit (I couldn't get around very easily, having recently had surgery on my feet). She moved in mid 2001, we were engaged 10/28/2002 (her birthday), married 12/24/2008, and haven't had an argument, yet. Now, this was a second marriage for both of us, and we both had older kids (near their 20s), so didn't have that to worry too much about, but still... I believe they CAN work, if you can stay in contact almost every day, can see each other every 4-6 weeks, and love each other. ;-)
  • I firmly believe that letting yourself fall for someone online before you meet in person is a foolish thing to do. I did this even thinking this way at the time because I was so desperate to feel ANYTHING that I did not care if it lead to pain. after 6 years without emotion even when she chickened out and would not let me meet her even the pain of the end felt good. I had taken a week off to drive 1000 miles to meet her and now had nothing to do with my time. I was venting about her in a chat room. started talking with someone and our conversation went like this: I HATE GIRLS I hate guys IM BORED me too WANNA MEET? nah I"M ORDERING PIZZA ok she intended me to be a one night stand so she could break my heart because her BF dumped her a year earlier (gotta love how women apply "pay it forward") it kinda back fired and 4 months later we were married. in short, starting a relationship before you meet is likely to lead to pain. take the friendship from internet to real life THEN persue a relationship
  • depends on the people involved, everyone is different

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