• My son looked like ET =}
  • I'm sure a few would. But you've got to realize that when you have a baby, it looks like the most beautiful thing on earth to you. I knew a woman who delivered 3 of the most hideous creatures I had ever seen, but she thought they were all beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. :)
  • My son looked like his grandpa. He was bald, pink and wrinkled! But he smelled awesome.
  • lol! my son looked like an angel when they put him on me,his golden hair, even his eyelashes, were gorgeous.. having said that, out came my daughter,, a 44 cm fat looking little thing that had more cheeks than anything else!! no eyebrows, no lashes, and a button for a nose! she looked peculiar! now, everywhere we go, ppl gasp, shes that pretty.. (since her eyelashes came in,lol!) my daughters cuteness only came a few months later
  • Every newborn that I've ever seen looked like a freaky hybrid of Jack Nicholson and Kermit the Frog. I've never seen a mother admit it.
  • Of course my daughters are the loveliest creatures on the planet, but like all babies, the aren't pretty when they come out. My oldest looked like Dan Ackroyd in an SNL Conehead skit. My youngest came up through the cut so she had no dunce cap, but she was all face and nothing else! Cheeks and more cheeks - that's all she was! ANd my eldest daughter didn't have hair until she was about 4 years old. She looked like a chemo patient, which I said numerous times.

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