• Retarded is an extremely politically incorrect word to use these days by the way. A young person may get no GCSEs for many reasons. Their attendance at school may not be good due to illness or playing truant. That has nothing to do with their intellect. They may be perfectly capable of passing GCSEs but failed because of poor attendance. Their attitude might mean that at the time of their latter schooling they aren't remotely interested in school and just don't make the effort in class or with homework. Again it has nothing to do with their intellect. If they were in a more positive frame of mind towards study they would probably pass GCSE exams with flying colours. For those who get no GCSEs out of laziness, I am sure they will be more than happy to sit on their backside claiming benefits which have been paid for by those of us who actually do work for a living. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like that around because it is made too easy for them to do nothing.
  • I'm 20 and I didn't get any GCSEs because I couldn't stand school and left half way through year ten. Because of the national requirement to stay at school until 16 and because I had been doing pretty well the local college allowed me to go in there a year early. I got a few AS-levels (first year of A-levels) and picked up a maths GCSE in a few months while I was there but I left after a year again. I can't comment on how it'll affect my job prospects as I'm half way through a full time distance learning degree with the open university (that I do expect to finish) and haven't gotton a job yet.
  • I'm 16, and at the beginning of year 10 I was doing 11 and a half GCSEs and I'm on the gifted and talented list in the UK. Since then I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME and can no longer manage one lesson a day. It's driving me insane, and I doubt I will get any of those GCSE's, I've been dropping them one by one, but at the same time my health has also been declining. Because of it not only have I lost the person whom I was, but the prospect of my dream job. I am by no means 'retarded' as you so crudely put it, but I AM ill, and I don't know what the future holds. Do not judge people by their qualifications, as exams results aren't the true mark of a person.
  • I was also doing 12 GCSEs in year 10 and was predicted a*'s for all of them. I am not 'retarded' but i did become ill and spent a year in a psychiatric hospital with depression. I would love to be able to do my exams, but my illness makes it impossible to concentrate long enough to do the coursework. I dont know what i will do now, but whatever i choose to do i am sure i will do ok. Plenty of people go on to have sucessful lives without GCSEs, through no fault of their own. Its this kind of small mindedness that hinders people from becoming what they can in the first place.

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