• there must be a short....something is pulling power..
  • Is your battery lasting about the equivelent of 8 blocks, then the lights start going down, first the green in the 7th block, then the yellow go in the next block and a 1/2, and finally the red hang in there with 1-3 reds. You shut it off for a few minutes and the lights come back up to the yellows but then quickly go away? (Battery needs replacing) This was my wheel chair. I have been using it out side on the sidewalk to go 3 miles into town & 3 miles back. On the bus too, but I did not think I had racked up 325 miles. That number was from a service tech. I don't think he is right. Based on 400 miles at 12 miles running & charging comes out to about 35 charges. The battery specs say we should get 200 charges before it starts to deteriorate. This is called the charge/failure rate of a battery. I know I certainly did not get that many. If you are just using it around your house & it is failing, you got a problem & batteries are new, less than a year. If you are doing a lot of driving in it, to shopping centers, long juants on the sidewalks, then think of battery worn out. I am NOT going to buy my battery from the scooter store where they cannot tell me the brand or any ratings. Batteries that fail before their time is a gimmick to sell you more cheap batteries. I am buying a new set & I will be able to tell you the failure rate on the battery and how many charges it can handle. I guess we could in fact, put over a years wear on our wheelchairs with every day use & say we charge it every other day, that will be more than 200 charges from down in the red. It is my opinion that we got cheap batteries that are meant to fail so we have to buy new ones from them. I'll talk to you about this if you want. My name is Allan, emai;
  • I use a manual chair and forearm crutches,its less drama.

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