• A little different than your story, but last year when my daughter was 3, she asked for only one thing from Santa. A pink bell for her bike. I thought it was so sweet that she could have asked for anything, but what she requested in the end was something so simple.
  • My son had a bunny that died one winter when he was about two. I buried it in the backyard, and then explained to him that his bunny had gone to be with Jesus. Two weeks later, we are at the local church. Everyone is glad-handing about in the reception area, and my son decides hes going up the stairs to the attic, where there is a cordon rope and a "Do not enter" sign. I run up after him, pick him up and ask, "Connor, where are you going?" His reply: "I'm going up to see my bunny."
  • How about a grandparent story....My granddaughter (6yrs old) was lying on the floor coloring. Her mother walks up to her and says, "Hey Makenna", where in turn my granddaughter without looking up at her mother says..."Hold on mother...your ruing my time of perfection".
  • Our son (age 5) had to go into the hospital for some blood work. I knew he was scared. After it was all over, I told him I was so proud of him...he didn't cry or anything. He said..."Mom, I didn't want to wake up the sick people!"

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