• Wtf is swollow?
  • don't swallow..just breath it in and hold it in!
  • Ok ... Some one who is releative new at smoking POT , may experience An Acute Paranoid State or even Acute panic Reaction .... Many users of pot become Disassociative from their "Friends" and "Family" who do not approve / use marijuana .... Very High Dosages of marijuana can cause a Toxic Delirium manifested by marked memory Impairment, Confussion, and disorientation. Using Marijuana can induce Acute Paranoid States with the severity depending on whre the user is located when doing the pot. There are a Variety of Psychotic Reactions that have been noted with the use of Weed. Manic reaction , Hypomania, with persecutory delusions, Auditory hallicunations, withdrawal, and thought disorder has been observed in subjects with increased and continued Marijuana useage. Also; a self limiting hypomanic-schizophrenic like psychoses following Marijuana usage has been documented ... Marijuana has been proven to aggravate a pre existing condition of schizophrenia. A Paranoid Psychoses has been associated with long term marijuana useage ; characterized by bizarre behavior, violence, panic, an absence of the thought disorder. Just a few passages that I've discovered about marijuana useage.
  • Man, just bake it into cakes and be done with it if you are going to swallow the smoke. Warning though - your high will last a lot longer and can be more intense.
  • Coughing. That is the secret to highness. However, it is unclear to me whether the coughing causes the high, or vice versa. Cheers.
  • I used to do the same thing until i learned how to take a big hit and let some fill your chest while keeping some in your mouth and then slowly breathe it all in... you will cough if its good stuff but it is way better than the way you are smoking now! Its kind of a waste because you force the smoke out quickly. You want to keep it inside of you for as long as you can take it... then just sit back and enjoy...

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