• Take away privileges, tell him he can have them back when he deserves them. I tell them they'll get more privileges when they accept more responsibility.
  • Does he have a car available? Take it away. Does he have a job? If not, make him get one. Make him learn the responsibility. Pile it on. He'll learn that he's not 30 and might need a little help. If all else fails, try a whip. lol
  • Labor such as mowing, housekeeping, and laundry and/or deprivation of priviledges, such as a car, internet, video games, or going out with friends.
  • umm...I personally think 16`s a bit old to be punishing your children. if he wants to be an adult let him be, but teach him what being an adult means. he`ll have to find a job if he doesn`t have one, he`ll have to buy his needs and`s easy. If he wants to be an adult let him be one ;)
  • yes make him do all the stuff he hate to do, take away he's car if he have one, no phone calls for a week, no after school fun, no tv, no video games, and no more money for a week, it's alot of things you can do basely take away their fun a good week looking at mom and dad with no fun or friends no outside that week will kill him. if that don't work just cut him off make him work for his fun and freedom and there's nothing worry with tough love. i kown i have kids.
  • I have a 16 yr old stepson that lives with me and my husband. He brought home a report card the other week with 6 big fat "F"s on it. So his cellphone has been taken, he isn't allowed to leave the house except to go to school, church, his moms,or anywhere with us. He has been having to rake straw every since in our yard and my father in laws. And there is a HUGE pile of straw. He still isn't finished doing it. But he will not get his phone back or be able to go anywhere until he pulls his grades up. Simple as that. Any lip from him and then his daddy will beat his butt.
  • I think that most 16 year olds think they're all grown up. Don't fall for it. I would ask that he take on some responsibilities like getting a part time job or doing a particular chore you need help with. If he's "so grown up", it may be good for him to realize that being grown up comes with new responsibilities as well as new freedoms.
  • If he is acting like a 30 year old then he should be getting into any mischief as it is. But what are some examples of stuff that he needs to be "punished" for? Good question +5
  • I am myself 15 going on 42, and there's no point for any kind of punishment now! Too late!
  • Get a pair of BRASS KNUCKLES--and work him over (with a special emphasis on his ribs) until he "sees the light!!!"
  • Take away his car. Television. Phone. Computer. If he wants to act like he's 30, make him get a job and contribute to the bills like most 30 year olds do. Food, housing, utilities, insurance, medical insurance.
  • I am 16, and my parents taking away mine and my sisters cell phone just annoys us more than anything. it doesnt really teach a lesson, if the teens know how to get the cellphone back.. and grounding just makes it more fun to try to sneak out. im not a bad kid, lol i get good marks but why do kids always have to be punished?? why can't parents constructively criticize. that would make me "see the light better" or by confronting me. A part time job could help him become more independent but it wont help his grades. Everyone i know that has a job (im in grade 11) their marks are suffering because they dont have time for school work. i would wait til the summer anyways, just thought id share that :) good question tho
  • Talking is what is needed not punishment at this age. He's plenty old enough to have inteligent conversations.
  • Let's see ... Take Away: TV in his room , Cell Phone, Video Game Console, Take out phone in his room , Make him wash all the inside windows GOOD, Ground Him for 2 weeks (NO phone calls , goes NO where , and NO Visitors ... )
  • Take away all elctronic devices (cell phone, computer etc.)
  • Millionaire Dad: Son I am going to give you your Manhood! What a Ferrari, a Porsche??? No Son; I am going to make you Pay your way through college! Quote from Film "Soul Man" Treat him like an 'adult', easier said than done. Ask him what he thinks adult behaviour is? Still plenty of 65 year old men, are still kids!!! See My Blog:
  • Rather than phrase the question around punishment, try leveling with him. If he thinks he's 30, let him assume responsibilities that a 30 year old would have -- pay for the rent, food, insurance, clothes, recreation, etc., etc., etc. Once he sees what it's like being an adult, maybe he'll realize it's better to be a good 16 year old than a lousy 30 year old.
  • Bake cookies with chocolate chip laxatives. Put a note nearby that says something like don't eat these delicious cookies without asking. If he eats one without asking for permission, you'll have the opportunity to explain to him the consequences of disobediance after his 'ordeal.' Do I really recommend this? No. But I do think it would be funny.
  • Take away the keys to the car. Nothing to make him feel like a child again like riding the bus for a while.
  • It is your job to raise your child to be an intelligent adult. Learning that there are consequences for their actions is an incredibly important lesson in life. A lesson many kids miss and are forced to learn the hard way. Don't take away the cell phone. Simply turn off the text messaging. Kids today don't "talk" on the phone, they text. Be clear and let him know why and when it will be turned back on. Random punishment doesn't work. They need to know ahead of time what actions will result in what punishment. This is about teaching, not punishing.
  • Good Luck with this one, I wanted to strangle my kids when they were teenagers. I'll say a lot of prays for you.
  • Tell him to make a few house payments.
  • u gotta beat his fuckin ass!
  • Giving pocket money only for good behaviour as a reward and not giving any money for bad behavoir.
  • the car keys, the allowance, grounding,
  • show him what being an adult is like, im sure he would prefer being 16. hes just seeing the good stuff show him the hard part too.a taste of it would wake him up

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