• No. I am not that stingy. I'm here to share and reward ideas and humor, not hoard points.
  • I could give 10 million points a day and it would not change my standing on the LB. THe LB goes by points I rec..not give.
  • Points are not THAT important to me...that I would allow such to make me hateful and covetess. Leader Board folks are usually there due to good questions/good answers...and hard work over a long period of time. I'm all for rewarding achievers.
  • in the world of today everybody like out for their self and there's nothing worry for look out for you, who pay your bill you. if you thank you need the job more get it clmib the leader it's a good thing go for it. hopefully when you get their you can help those who need it that work hard like you do.
  • Um, no. I have never thought about that. In fact I am virtually unaware that there is a leader board, and I would nowhere near qualify In fact, I would scare myself if I did. I always give points. Everyone here got some from me.
  • I can see what your saying and there is some truth in your words but only for some here that think having their name on the top of the list means something. Yes my name is often in the top five showing but you know it being there does not really give anyone glory it gives a lot of bad feedback. I get hate mail and down-rates simply because I have time to spend as much time as I desire here so I gain a lot of points. I never ask for points but they always show up. I give nearly three times or more points a day then I get and it never pushes anyone higher on the leaderboard to overtake me. Simply because I can not give just one person more than 150 points a week each. I am simply not stingy with giving points and never will be. I wish others would get more points and take my spot without me changing what I enjoy doing. I have even asked the staff to make it where a member could choose not to show up at all on the leader board because I rather not be shown.
  • No I can honestly say I have never thought like that. Points do not cost me anything why would I wish to hoard them. Being at the top of the leaderboard is not the most important thing in the world although the way some people behave you would thing that it was. I can honestly say that once you have been there you will realise that it makes no difference to your life at all.
  • No quite the opposite, I always point someone for a great answer.
  • How old are you?
  • No. You gotta give them to get them. You also need to give good answers and ask great questions.
  • lol......noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • No, I couldn't care less where I end up on the leaderboard. I always give URs to people. The point of AB for me is to learn, to give helpful answers, to interact with people, and to have fun. (Hopefully, some time soon, I'll be able to add "to ask good or fun questions" to the list.)
  • Not at all. I've never been stingy with points. They aren't for the people after all. They are to give value to the question or answers. I don't care where I am on the leaderboard compared to others. I just do the best I can and try to help others and have a good time here.
  • I give points to good questions and good answers. No conspiracies. No hidden agendas. There are no valuable prizes to be won here. Ranks and places on a leader board are meaningless. Points will never become cash. Never ceases to amaze me how people become so worked up over this stuff. It's all an illusion;)
  • No. I always give points where it is due.
  • There's a leaderboard? neat.. But no I give points to answers that I like or are helpful or contributing in any way. I came here because I like answering questions and was pretty bored.
  • Sometimes.
  • haha that would be weird
  • lol no...couldn't care less :p
  • Neh. They can have 'em.
  • Not at all. But I reckon that I don't invest so much time going through Answerbag to evaluate answers and questions and rate them. I invest the most of my time researching and writing answers. When I find an interesting question, I look at the answers and if I find that some users have already covered the question in a perfect manner, I do not answer myself, but I give them some points. I would also give some points if I feel that some questions or answers have been abusively rated down. Sometimes, I also look at the down rated answers of a particular person to see if I can correct them. Also, I generally don't give points to questions by answering them, but I wait for some feedback. I consider that an asker asks a question in the first place to get an answer, not to get points. So I give them what they want. After a feedback let me assume that they have read my answer, I give them some points.

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