• I always imagine that i will have a stroke before i hit 50 because massive strokes run in the family.
  • Probably some form of cancer or heart disease. We have alot of that in our family.
  • I foresee I'll die young!
  • Be careful what you imagine. I believe you call into your life what you think about..if you are thinking of illness as you age, that is negative and not good for you. Think of all the joy you will give to people..think of all the wonders you will see..think about the children you will have and the grandchildren. Don't pollute your mind with negative thinking. :)
  • Probably dementia, it's common amongst older people. Plus when I get older I plan to take assloads of narcotics, and a side-effect is dementia.
  • Heart disease runs in my family, and my brain is going downhill fast so I do think I'm going to get dementia or alzheimers.
  • Being that I smoke...Lung Cancer, Heart disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertesion, etc...a slow painful death.
  • I too worry about Alzhiemer's , Blindness from my Diabetes , etc ... However; I've already decided that IF I KNOW without a doubt that I have someting like that ... then I will "Take care of myself" (Suicide) so there is NO suffering and no one is put out or inconvienced by my illnessses ...
  • alzheimer's runs in the family, so i know i might get it later on in life. but it's inevitable, so i'm okay with that.
  • Oldtimers, for sure.

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