• Good points. 1) Access to information 2) Good place to find like minded individuals 3) Can be a great tool if used properly 4) Better than TV 5) Centralizes work, banking, purchases, etc. Bad points 1) Can be as bad as TV 2) Alot of needless things on the internet 3) Spam, viruses, hackers, phishers, popups, updates, downloads, uploads, defraging, crashes, incompatible drivers, software or hardware. 4) Current hangout for scams and rip-off artists. 5) Too easy for kids to access garbage they shouldn't be viewing
  • Good point- If you have the internet you access information that might take a long time to do with other means. Bad point- People abusing it.
  • Good point - you can enjoy yourself good passtime. Bad point - Hurts your eyes after you've been staring at the monitor for too long
  • Good ... knowledge business communication Bad ... corruption staying up to late not enough fresh air
  • time seems to slip away and you end up getting nothing else done.
  • Information, information, information. The latest, the most diverse, and from almost every possible source to give you a far more balanced view of the world. Bad - they interfere with the mechanisms of clocks which all seem to go much, much faster when you are logged on??
  • Good Point...People will be updated with the latest issues... Bad Point...People will be more prone to pornography!
  • +Instant connection to anywhere in the world -Spending too much time in the abstract world while a beautiful day in the sun awaits.

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