• Life isn’t complicated, we are born without complications, it’s because we make it so. Take it easy.
  • Life is so complicated because it is seemingly beyond the capacity of a system to analyse meaningfully the system itself. This is why people have traditionally invented "belief systems" like religions and political ideologies to try and explain it. In truth, it cannot be fully explained. There is however an honourable tradition of great thinkers who have tried their best, called philosophy and if you are interested in this sort of thing that is the place to look.
  • People make it complicating or you do it yourself
  • Life is essentially only as complicated as we make it. We do go through rough patches, but they don't last forever. Life is not about drama. I have friends that always have drama around them. They are exhausted and frantic most of the time. Now during the teen years, life is complicated because you are learning how to be an adult and your hormones are going crazy. But, once again, that is a temporary thing.
  • We are the ones who make life complicated, and we are the ones who can simplify it too. Life becomes much more simple when we make decisions and follow through on them. The decision making process seems to trip a lot of people up, because we allow other peoples' opinions, attitudes and agendas to interfere with what we know to be right. Once you start making decisions about the direction you are taking and how to get there, and take one step at a time, life gets a lot simpler.
  • Mine is not, It does'nt have to be, only if you allow it, if starts to get confusing, stop take a break, think, and remap it
  • Complicated and simple are actually two sides of the same coin: in order to see complexity, you have to have the notion of simplicity, and vice-versa. So neither complexity NOR simplicity have any independent reality of their own. But so what? That's not really what we humans are concerned about when this question comes up, is it? What we want to really know is "why am I confused, and how can I know what's important and what to focus on?" There's an anxiety associated with this sense that life is so complex that it's pulling us in many directions at once and we can't get "centered". There are two opposite capacities that we have as humans: analysis and synthesis. Analysis is based in the mind's ability to separate things from each other: to form concepts, draw boundaries, build models of relationships, etc. This discriminative ability is what makes life look complicated: WE chop reality up into lots of little pieces and study them in isolation, and the number of such pieces we can create is actually infinite. So if we ONLY have analysis running (without any synthesis), we end up with a distressingly LARGE supply of pieces to study. Synthesis is different: synthesis puts pieces together into larger wholes. Most of us are not nearly as good at synthesis as we are at analysis, but many of us can do it well in specific areas: someone who has really "mastered" an art form, craft, or sport is practicing synthesis -- they have "become one" with their chosen discipline, creating a synthesis in which "self and paint", or "self and instrument", or "self and ball" have ceased to be two completely separate things, and have merged into a larger whole. From the outside, such a synthesis may look like magic, and in a way it is. But it's more valuable to see the deeper process at work: the collecting of bits and pieces and restoring their original wholeness, prior to discrimination / separation -- that's what resolves our anxiety about complexity. So why does THIS explanation sound so complicated? Because the mind which analyzes wants to cling to thorough explanations, and having such an explanation helps it to relax a bit. What we're really talking about in practical terms is learning to be aware (synthesis) instead of continuing to focus on thinking (analysis). Awareness is synthesis: if you want life to be simpler, without going down some strange tunnel like throwing out 90% of your stuff, learn to be more aware. That will solve the life-is-complicated problem where it really matters.
  • If it werent complicated at times it would be pretty boring.
  • There are limits to what we can know, yet no limits on what could be known. Uncertainty is the only certainty.
  • God put us on this earth to test us. God wants us to see our full potential and for us to WORK to become happy, not just sit around and waste our lives away.
  • Life is not complicated, Life is what you make of it. If you do not choose to tackle down the obstacles ahead then yes it is hard. And why? As I have already mention, "Life is what you make of it"
  • We get bored easy, alot of people don't feel alive, if there is not some kind of drama going on in their lives. I truely feel that most of lifes complications, we bring on ourselves, because of this.
  • I have seen many people complaining about how complicated their lives have become. I used to think why these people have complicated lives when life is so beautiful until I am beginning to have my own complications now. I do believe now that nobody is born with complicated life we as human have brought this upon our selves nobody else did. It is our fault that we fail to make right decisions on right time. It is our fault that we care so much for others and their problems that we forget about our own. It is our fault that when there is something important to do we leave it for tomorrow rather than getting it done right away. It is our fault that we expect so much from our loved ones that when we do lot for them but in return they give us nothing but pain. So why shouldn't life be complicated.

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