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  • Will keep silent and will care more than when he is normal, I will treat them as kid.
    • Myang
      I'll do the same like you Reddy!
  • Tough love. Set strong and clear boundaries for yourself during an episode. Choose not to be around this person when they drink, and tell them why.
    • Myang
      You roar so right! I'll chose to be like this too if i'm on that kind of scenario :)
  • 3-14-2017 It is not permitted to hit. Drunk is not an excuse. One hit, it's over.
  • Depends how far gone they are. Also how bad the addiction is. Seek professional help if it is too much for you to handle. Most of all try to be understanding and let them know you care. Don't take on more than you can handle. Give them as much love as you can. And do what you think you would want if you were in their shoes. Best of luck !
  • Have nothing to do with them when they are drunk and/or mean. Best way they will learn that is not acceptable behavior around you.
  • When you get put into the situation of a friend, family member, etc. that gets aggressive after drinking, it's difficult to deal with... but that doesn't mean you cannot deal with it in special ways. I like Reddy's way to deal with them like a kid and care a lot more while they are intoxicated, but at the same time I would also attempt to reduce the influence from the environment and if necessary completely remove it. If issue persists or gets worse, I wouldn't have a way to take care of that other than to alert someone else for reinforcement.

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